Mila is Partnering with Amazon Key for Business

Jun 23 / Anne Fischer
Mila is pleased to announce that they are partnering with Amazon Key for Business in the UK.  Amazon Key for Business enables Amazon delivery drivers to gain secure access to predefined delivery zones within large residential and commercial properties. This is done by installing a device into the building's existing access system. For a building to be considered, a building must have 10 or more units. Through multi-factor authentication, Amazon Key for Business ensures that the driver only gains access to the building when multiple components are confirmed.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of AkfB


  • Reduces the work load and saves time for those who work in a buildings reception or those who live in the building through an automated delivery. 
  • Increases delivery-trust by 80%
  • Optimises a safe and secure delivery through Amazon.  These packages will be delivered in a space that is invisible to the public.


  • Key For Business  offers automatic entry into buildings for Amazon delivers only.   In order to do this, you will need to bietet automatischen Zugang nur für Amazon-Lieferungen. You will still need another system to provide programmed access to other package delivery services, cleaning services, and other visitors.
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How Does It Work?

In short, Amazon Key for Business is installed in a building's existing access control system. The Amazon driver requests access to the building via the Amazon delivery app on the day of delivery. After an authentication process (ID, route, location and time of access), the driver is then granted one-time, time-limited access for the delivery.
To learn more about Amazon Key for Business and to become a certified installer, complete our training here. Since installation requires work on the electrical grid, jobs can only be referred to Mila professionals who have the necessary skills and permits.