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The Mila Academy offers hundreds of courses surrounding the world of smart home technology and technological skills. Be among the first to quickly and easily learn valuable skills and insights directly through our relationships with retailers and manufacturers.

Advantages of our program

Scale Your Business

With the Mila Academy it is easy to scale your business and increase your earnings. We offer hundreds of courses that support your professional development through the latest trends.  

A Variety of Courses

Hundreds of courses are at your fingertips that surround the topics on the latest technology from leading international companies.  

The Mila Community

Connect with other like minded technicians in your area, exchange the latest news and build up your community! 

Our Newest Courses

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The Mila Community

Join thousands of technicians, exchange ideas and connect to the Mila community. Help us improve our courses and change the way you and others learn about technology online. Explore opportunities to grow and advance in your areas of interest.

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Vision for the Academy

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A Welcoming, Captivating & Interactive place

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No more long texts and manuals

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Christoph Szabo & Minh Trinh

We strive to create some of the most comprehensive, understandable and educative content for our technicians. With years of experience in video production, editing and publishing we enable our technicians to pass courses in no time! The Academy is led by Christoph Szabo (Academy Manager) and Minh Trinh (Production Hero).
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